Free Dental Area Days

Free Equine Dental Area Visits

We are pleased to announce our NEW DENTAL AREA VISITS. The new and exciting area visits area also now eligable for out promotional offer for our free area visit. One day a month one of our fantastic experienced vets will be in your area for our free dental area visits! *This is a limited time promotion*

We are also extremely excited to announce we have reviewed our overall area visits and made some exciting amendments including a NEW local area Visit. This is also inculded in the Dental Area Visits!

This Map outlines our area zones. If you are unsure of where your area falls into our area visit days please give the practice a call on 01287 623802 and we will be able to assist you.

Free Equine Dental Area Visits Map

Click on the Links Below to see when we will be in the Area:

Stokesley Area

Local Area 

Northern and Hartlepool Area

Northallerton and Darlington Area

Whitby Area

Thrushwood Dental Routine

The last few years have been such a difficult time for everyone. Here at Clevedale Vets we are trying to do all we can to help our clients through the difficult time. As of November 2020 call out fees we be waived when booking onto our specific area visits (previously £20). The aim of this promotional offer is to provide our clients with the option of minimalizing the costs of veterinary treatment whilst continuing improve our services and provide the treatment require. *This is a limited time offer*

Clevedale Equine Dental Services

Dental Area visits will always be attended by an experienced equine vet with experienced in dental procedures. Times will be given for appointments. 

Our aim of our promotional offer is to help all our Equine clients minimise their veterinary costs whilst improving the service we offer. 

For any enquiries or to book a visit, please contact our team on 01287 623803 or click here to Register 

Terms and Conditions

  • The free area visit scheme is run from November 2020. This is a limited time offer
  • We operate under a system of ‘Any Vet, Any time’. A specific time or vet may not be requested to qualify for an area visit. However, we always guarantee that the vet covering the area visit will always be an experienced vet.
  • Visits must be booked by 3pm the day prior to the area visit. 
  • The area visits are restricted to specific zones on specific days. 
  • Visit times will be allocated on the night before or the morning of the free area visit. 
  • Clients must be able to accept any time between 9.00am - 16.00pm
  • If the client cannot make the time allocated, and therefore requests a specific time they may need to pay for the visit fee to accommodate what is required.
  • Area visits include routine work only, please contact our reception if you are unsure what is included, and they will be able to assist you further.
  • We reserve the right to refuse the visit to any client if we are unable to accommodate the request or if they are in breach of our terms and conditions.
  • Please note allocated time slots can be subject to change in the event of an emergency or extenuating circumstance. 
  • Free visits are not available to clients whose accounts are on STOP.
  • Area visits are only available to clients registered with Clevedale Veterinary Practice. If you would like to register with us please call 01287 623802 or visit
  • We reserve the right to determine or alter the boundary of the area visit at any time.
  • It is only the call out fee that is reduced or waived under the area visit scheme. All veterinary work performed will be charged at standard rates of service.
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