Equine Medicine

Lis Watson is an RCVS Recognised Advanced Practitioner in Equine Medicine and we are equipped to see a full range of equine medical cases including the more unusual.

In support of our RCVS Recognised Advanced Practitioners we have excellent facilities at our Upleatham Equine Unit, allowing us to investigate medical cases to a high level. From 24hour ECG, to our in-house lab, to gastroscopy and detailed ultrasound examination of the equine abdomen, we can get you the answers and treatment your horse needs.

Medical services

  • Weight loss investigation
  • Head Shaker investigation
  • Hormonal issues including Cushings disease and Metabolic syndrome diagnosis and management
  • Treatment of skin conditions (parasites, infections, allergies, masses and sarcoids)
  • Investigation of the coughing horse
  • Endoscopy of upper and lower respiratory tract, tracheal washes and guttural pouch examination
  • Endoscopy of the bladder
  • Endoscopy of the stomach for the diagnosis of ulcers
  • Laboratory tests for infection, anaemia, liver, kidney and gut problems
  • Management of the geriatric horse
  • Management of sick and orphaned foals
  • Ophthalmology and eye conditions

Equine Medicine 1

A horse with urticaria or 'hives'

Equine Medicine 2

A horse with a corneal ulcer

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